Vicair Brochure 


Vicair Vector 02 Brochure


The NEW Vector O2 is breathable and completely machine washable. Ideal for users at moderate to high risk of skin break down, has an anatomically contoured seat surface allowing optimal immersion and functional stability.
Cover: Standard with two covers:
1) Breathable air exchange top covers for optimal performance. The cushion has an open structure for complete air flow and allows fluids to move through and away from the user.
2) Reversible cover, Incontinent, fluid proof on one side and cool stretch fabric on the other side.

Vicair Technology enables comfortable, stable, unique seating solutions for individuals with simple to complex pressure and positioning needs. Vicair products offer superior performance with little to no maintenance for the user or caregiver.Vicair mattresses and cushions are filled with triangular, air-filled SmartCells™. The low friction surface of the cells allows them to move easily against each other and to conform precisely to the body's contours.

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