Super Pole System

The Superpole Basic is a simple attractive floor-to-ceiling pole
that provides assistance to those requiring that extra hand
when standing or transferring. It also serves as a mounting
structure to a complete range of options that may be added as
needs change. The pole is held by simple jackscrew expansion
between the floor and ceiling. Rubber pads ensure no marring
of ceiling or floor. The horizontal handrail gives a feeling of
support. The rail is set to either pivot as you move, or can be
locked in place. The trapeze is designed for use for sitting and
positioning as well as floor-to-ceiling pole for standing.
A combination of trapeze and handle can be used to “climb
up” to a seated position. The SuperTray can be installed at any
height, and is perfect for an overbed table.
Weight capacity 300 lbs. 1 year warranty.

1230 8’ SuperPole Basic
1231 SuperPole with SuperBar
1232  SuperPole with SuperTrapeze
1233 SuperBar add-on-kit
1234 SuperTrapeze add-on-kit
1236 Uni-Fit Extension, pole extends from 8’ to 10’

$74.99 $488.00

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