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The nxt NüFit cushion is a multi-layer contoured cushion designed for users who need a comfortable cushion with good positioning and are at low to medium risk of skin break down. The top and middle layers are soft then medium density HR foam. The NüFit multi-layer HR foam design is cool to sit on and is not affected by heat or cold unlike Visco elastic foam cushions. The NüFit provides deep immersion and support for skin protection by redistributing pressure over the full sitting surface of the cushion. The contoured base with its SPS (Selective Perforated Softening) Ischial recess provides enhanced immersion for bony prominences and improved pelvic positioning, while enhancing comfort & stability and reducing sliding. Weight capacity 300lbs / 136kg.

The nxt Seating Series Cushions are designed with a compressions cut base that is adapted with different materials to meet the needs of different client groups. The contours of the cushions are designed to provide support to viable tissue and redistribute pressure away from the bony prominences of the IT's coccyx and sacrum. The nxt cushions are designed to protect skin and maximize mobility, activity and function.

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