Custom Wooden Ramping

  • Ramps are a vital option for helping homeowners, and especially wheelchair users, access their home with ease and comfort. But, while every home presents a unique challenges, not every ramp is up to the task. Aluminum ramps offer a fixed width, making them difficult to accommodate for jobs like these. Our solution is to build a custom wooden ramp that will fit into the space perfectly, giving the customer greater freedom and independence.

Wooden wheelchair ramps may be considered when aluminum is not an option. With the proper care, wood can provide a long service life.

You can customize your wood ramp to reflect your home’s style and add to its curb appeal by applying paint or stain.

Our wooden ramps are modular, allowing us to provide several layout options and offer fast installation.

For people who prefer the feel and look of wood appliances around the house, a wooden wheelchair ramp can maintain that aesthetic.

Handrails increase security by providing sturdy support for people walking the ramp. They also help prevent wheelchairs from moving off the edges.

Our modular installation process allows enough space between the decks to let rain drain away, preventing excess water buildup.

Ensuring the safety and functionality of our designs is essential, so we provide ample space on each landing so wheelchairs and other mobility aids have room to turn.



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