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Convaid Coaster

Convaid Coaster

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Convaid Rodeo

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A compact, durable, adjustable fixed tilt mobility chair that provides families the freedom to go anywhere.

The Coaster is the latest addition to our fixed-tilt family. This mobility chair accomplishes simple adjustment between 10°, 20°, or 30° seat tilt angle, in a lightweight, compactly folded frame that demonstrates the same longevity seen in all Convaid products. The Coaster also offers an adjustable fixed recline across four different positions, providing optimal support for all children.

The Coaster offers 5” of seat depth growth in all four sizes, 12”, 14”, 16”, and 18” seat width, and comes in a wide variety of colors in the Convaid standard upholstery. Having been successfully tested to the WC19 & ISO7176 transport safety standards the Coaster protects users with weight up to 170lbs while also being compact and lightweight. This innovative device offers a streamlined two-step clamshell folding design and can be easily unfolded in one intuitive motion. The Coaster is the perfect family-friendly chair to get everyone out for adventures and an EZ Cruise.

Adjustable fixed tilt and fixed recline

The Coaster gives families the flexibility to choose the fixed tilt and recline configuration that meets their child’s postural needs.

Height and tension adjustable back positioner

Provides increased lumbar support to encourage proper body positioning and alignment.


The Coaster comes standard with convenient side storage pockets for easy access to toys or snacks while on the go.

Compact clamshell folding

Like many commercial strollers, the Coaster can compactly fold into an easily transportable package. The rear wheels are also quick release to offer an even smaller option when loading this chair.


Folded height (mm) 432 Seat angle (°) 10,20,30
Foot plate angle (°) -180 - +180




Folded length (mm) 813 813 889 889
Folded width (mm) 559 610 660 711
Overall height (mm) 1016 1041 1067 1118
Overall length (mm) 762 787 813 838
Overall width (mm) 559 610 660 711
Push handle adjustments (mm) 813-1168 864-1194 864-1270 889-1295
Seat back height (mm) 559-610 635-686 660-711 711-737
Seat depth (mm) 254-305 279-330 305-381 368-445
Seat to floor (mm) 483-533 483-533 533-584 533-584
Seat width (mm) 305 356 406 457
Shoulder strap height (mm) 267-457 330-533 356-559 419-660
Total weight (kg) 13 13.5 14 14
Weight capacity (kg) 34 45 77 77
Weight capacity transit (kg) 30 45 77 77

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