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IBIS is able to offer precise comfort and positioning

The IBIS tilt-in-space manual wheelchair takes the term "multi-functional" and "multi-adjustable" to another level. Featuring a universal back frame which allows the ultimate in flexibility.

Unique tilt-in-space mechanism keeps users knees at a consistent level throughout the tilt range

User's feet can contact the floor for foot propulsion. Good access to rear wheels for hand propulsion, overall improved independence

Sedeo Pro seat system

Sedeo Pro seat system offers unsurpassed built-in adjustability and creates a "virtual one-size fits all wheelchair". Ensures optimum user fit and comfort, and allows for changing user needs over time. Dealers can fit the wheelchair with exceptional ease and flexibility.

Tilt Mechanism uses gas spring for smooth operation

Tilt motion is a very smooth, comfortable experience for the end user. Caregivers can control the tilt motion with very little effort.