Vertical Lifts

Vertical lifts provide mobility and security to anyone who uses a wheelchair or scooter.

Access different levels of your home, indoors and out.

These lifts are compact and highly efficient, providing quick access and safety. These high-quality products are installed quickly by professionals.

Trus-T-Lift Home Wheelchair Lift by RAM:

Trus-T-Lift is a convenient, compact lift that offers mobility with elegant design. Smaller than bulky ramps, and affordable for most budgets, Trus-T-Lift will give you freedom in your own home.

Multilift Vertical Platform Lift by Savaria:

Multilift is the ideal solution for indoor/outdoor access for residential or commercial spaces. The secure platform is durable, and suitable for harsh climates. Choose from enclosed and mobile versions as well for greater convenience.

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Ram Trus-T-Lift

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