15-20mmHg Knee High

15-20mmHg Knee High are our most popular style for everyday wear. Recommended for all adults over the age of 40 to prevent venous disease, varicose veins and edema (swelling of the feet, legs or ankles). They are particularly popular where you’re on your feet all day at work or managing any...


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15-20mmHg Knee High are our most popular style for everyday wear. Recommended for all adults over the age of 40 to prevent venous disease, varicose veins and edema (swelling of the feet, legs or ankles). They are particularly popular where you’re on your feet all day at work or managing any of the following:

Poor Circulation: graduated compression socks with 15-20mmHg of compression are clinically proven to increase circulation. Whether you are managing diabetes or suffering from cold feet, you will benefit immediately from the increased circulation delivered by these over the calf compression socks.

Leg Fatigue: is often experienced by people who spend hours standing or sitting still at work or at home. The increased blood flow that is stimulated by these knee high socks reduces leg fatigue by 57% in clinical studies.

Sore Feet: is often the painful result of working on hard floors, or in a job that requires lots of walking (or attending a dreaded Trade Show!). The mid-foot arch support in all SmoothToe® Energizing Socks was developed with this problem in mind, and is extremely effective.






5 Year Extended Warranty

The 5 Year Extended Warranty applies to these styles of SmoothToe® Energizing Socks: Low Cut, Quarter, Crew and 15-20 mmHg Knee Highs and reflects the quality of design and manufacture and the premium quality yarns used to make them. Simply put, your SmoothToe® socks will not blow out with holes in the heel or toe, shrink, unravel or fall apart, for a full FIVE YEARS from the date of purchase.

If any of the adverse outcomes listed above occur, please contact

Lighthouse Medical Ltd: 1 (866) 609-6827

All we ask is that you have proof of purchase and cover the shipping costs.



15-20mmHg Knee High Graduated Compression Socks

Your Knee High SmoothToe® Energizing Socks will perform just as they did the day you purchased them, for the duration of the 5 Year Extended Warranty, or they will be replaced. Your socks will continue to prevent swelling and you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of enhanced circulation for years.

If your SmoothToe® Knee High socks lose their compression to the degree they no longer stay in place above your calf, simply contact Lifestyle Medical for a Return Merchandise Authorization (SEE ABOVE), and your socks will be replaced.

20-30mmHg Knee High Graduated Compression Socks

If your doctor has prescribed 20-30mmHg graduated compression socks, we recommend that you replace your 20-30mmHg Knee High SmoothToe® Energizing Socks every 12 months. This is to ensure that you are receiving the precise amount of graduated compression that your doctor has prescribed. We offer a one year warranty on this style for heel and toe blow outs. If you get a hole in the foot part of your sock in the first year from the date of purchase, return it to us along with the receipt of purchase and we will replace the pair with no questions asked.


Hard to Believe a 5 Year Extended Warranty?

We understand that if you’ve been using traditional brands of graduated compression socks, you are NOT used to receiving much in the way of guarantees at all.

Maybe you’ve had graduated compression socks that fell apart (even after washing them by hand in the expensive, manufacturer’s cleaning solution), only to learn that this is also “your problem.”

And honestly, who expects a pair of socks that cost as much as some graduated compression socks do, to fade like a cheap t-shirt after a few washes?

SmoothToe® socks were created as a superior quality product, designed to help our customers live healthy, active lives. And because of this, we stand behind our SmoothToe® Energizing Socks to a degree never before seen in the graduated compression sock industry. And we do it because we can!

SmoothToe® represents the Forefront of Design, along with Manufacturing Excellence.

We’ve found that it’s much easier for people to understand our 5 Year Extended Warranty when they know everything that is part of the unique design and manufacture of SmoothToe® socks.


CoolMax® & Lycra® Energy Yarns: these are simply the highest quality yarns available (see Abrasion & Durability Test Results). Both yarns represent the very latest developments in their category and are without peer in regards to quality and performance.


Superior Design: the combination of different types of Lycra elastane throughout the SmoothToe® sock is a unique and proprietary advantage over other brands that are still using outdated designs and materials from decades ago.


Made in the USA: our US manufacturing facilities are some of the leading mills in the world, and are registered with the FDA. Many traditional brands are manufactured overseas where quality control and regulations are not to North American standards, and where materials of a much lower quality are used.

And finally, as a SmoothToe® customer you’re in good company. SmoothToe® is a supplier of medical graduated compression socks to some of the leading medical organizations in North America:

Mayo Clinic
Veteran’s Administration Medical Clinics
US Military


Lifetime Blister-Free Guarantee

SmoothToe® socks are made from the highest quality CoolMax® yarns available, and are 100% cotton-free. We guarantee that you’ll be blister-free wearing your SmoothToe® socks for as long as you wear them because of the exceptional moisture management and fitted-sock design, which means your sock will never bunch up or wrinkle to cause friction or pressure points against your skin.



Shoe Size  Small  Medium  Large  XL
Men  3-5.5 6-8.5 9-11.5 12-14.5
Woman 4-6.5 7-9.5 10-12.5 13+
Ankle 7"-8.5"                  (17.78-21.59cm) 8"-10"                  (20.32-25.4cm) 9.5"-11.5"                  (24.13-29.21cm) 10.5"-12"                  (26.67-30.48cm)
Calf All Sizes Will Fit Up to 20" (50.8cm)