The Chatfeild - Replacement Shoe

Just like your sneakers, your cane shoe™ will wear out eventually.  No one likes to have dirty, worn-out sneakers. And, no one likes to have a dirty, worn-out walking stick shoe.If you like to keep your kicks clean, order a new cane shoe today!

Our replacement shoe is molded using a durable thermoplastic rubber which has superior slip-resistance.

Please note that this product is intended to only fit our Chatfield walking cane.

Walking Cane

This award-winning walking stick combines premium materials and functional design elements to create a unique fashion product. It sports a soft, ergonomic grip that can lean just about anywhere for easy access.


The soft silicone covered handle has a distinct upturned nose which is comfortable to hold and intuitively positions the hand directly over the wood shaft. This unique detail also allows the cane to rest against a wall effortlessly for quick access; it can be propped up on its nose or side, without the cane slipping or falling over as easily as generic canes often do.


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