Perfect Chair 410/510 Accessories

The perfect complement to your Perfect Chair®.


Pad. Pod. Laptop. Now everything you need to make your Human Touch Perfect Chair® experience even more perfect is within easy reach. The Perfect Chair Laptop Desk is intelligently designed for the ultimate in convenience.


When you’re relaxing in your Perfect Chair, you don’t want to get up. Let’s say you’re watching your favorite show on TV – you want snacks and the remote control to be right by you – to mute those annoying commercials. Perhaps you’re lounging in your Perfect Chair after work, reading a magazine – you’ve got to have something to hold your cup of tea or a mug of hot chocolate. We’re no different from you – sitting in our Perfect Chairs , we thought that something was missing, so we came up with the PC Accessory Table, capable of holding beverages, snacks, or any small item you’d like to have by your side when you’re relaxing in your PC recliner.


There’s a perfect complement to any two Perfect Chairs. It’s the Spanner Wedge Table, designed to hold reading materials, snacks, beverages or remote controls – whatever you need to stay in your Perfect Chair without having to get up. If fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to only two chairs – you can connect a whole row of Perfect Chair recliners in an arc for a great home theater setting.


This upholstery-matching back cover is made available to give your Perfect Chair a complete look all around, especially if your PC recliner is positioned to have the back exposed.


Now you can upgrade your Perfect Chair with an awesome memory foam pad set for ultimate seating comfort. It’s the same type of memory foam that the astronauts use to achieve maximum ergonomics during lift-offs and landings.
There are three kits available. The Universal Series 1 Memory Foam Kit fits all models of Series 1 Perfect Chairs (PC-6, PC-075 and PC-095). For Perfect Chair Series 2, there are two sizes available. One fits both PC-410 and PC-510, and one for only PC-500.


Here is a Perfect Chair accessory from Human Touch that taller users would surely appreciate. This Extendable Foot Rest is an excellent addition to your Perfect Chair to really stretch your body and still have your feet well-supported.


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